Monday, 28 March 2016

You Can Include these Eight Cost-Effective Tips in Your Wedding Plan

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life and you will make sure that everything till your wedding day goes according to your plan. Most of us look forward to our wedding, and all the fun. When it comes to Kerala weddings with their number of ceremonies and traditions, the overall cost may overcome your budget expectations. However, having a wedding worth remembering need not to be an expensive affair. Here are few cost-effective tips you can try out when building a plan for your perfect wedding.

Prepare a Budget Plan for Your Wedding

You need to formulate your wedding budget to avoid confusion and mismanagement during pre-wedding days. You need to decide the overall budget by you and your family. Also, you need to make a list of everything and what you want to spend on each item. 

Start a Separate Fund for Your Wedding

It might be a good idea to start a wedding fund along with an emergency fund, as soon as you start earning. For example, if you start earning at the age of twenty-three, you can allocate just Rs. 3000 a month for your wedding, and in five years you can save Rs. 1.8 Lakhs without interest.

Try to Look at Low-cost Wedding Venues

There are 5-star wedding venues in Trivandrum that are indeed expensive and with luxurious facilities. If you are planning your wedding on an affordable budget then there are low cost wedding venues in Trivandrum that provide similar facilities at affordable rates. You can look at unconventional options which can get you much better rates on locations.

Take Smart Decisions on Designs and Decorations

When it comes to designing and decorating your wedding venue, they can be expensive, but if you plan it smartly they can offer savings. You can look at greener but low-cost options such as decorative plants instead of opting flower-based decorations that can be costly.

Plan Your Wedding During Off Season

By choosing dates during off season, you can cut costs considerably. This will help you get discounts on everything from venues to caterers. Also, by planning an offseason wedding, your date will not clash with other marriages.

Approach a Professional Wedding Planner

It is a true fact that conducting a wedding is a stressful job as it requires high amount of planning and execution. There are many professional wedding planners out there and you can approach anyone of them who can really help deal with all these headaches.

Do Not Waste Food

Wastage of food is mostly seen during weddings and it means wastage of your money. You need to be smarter by providing your guests with a simplified menu that give importance to taste over variety. You can go with options like Pilafs or Biryanis which are meals by themselves and simplify logistics for the caterer.

Rent a Luxury Vehicle as Your Wedding Car

If you want a luxury car as your wedding vehicle, then you can approach rental car companies that provide wedding cars in Trivandrum at affordable rates. Most companies have a fleet of vintage models, classic models, and luxury models as rental wedding cars. To get the right car of your choice. You need to book the car early as possible to avoid heavy rushes.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Making You Wedding Dreams Come True with the Best Wedding Car in Trivandrum

When it comes to your wedding, there are so many things that have to be planned in order to ensure that everything is just right. This includes making sure that you are getting the best wedding cars in Trivandrum for your money. There are many luxury models you can choose from and it is possible for you to get exactly what you are looking for on your wedding day. When looking through all of the different choices, you might look into the classic models have to offer. If you are looking for something a little more conventional, you might consider some of the luxury cars that are available.

Classic and Vintage Wedding Cars

Most people try their level best to realize their wedding dreams are after vintage cars that are seen at majority of the weddings in Trivandrum. If you are looking for an even better car, you might consider classic models that are available as well. This includes the traditional Roll Royce cars and these vehicles offer what you are looking for and have been in use for the last fifty years or longer. 

Luxury Cars to Make Your Wedding Memorable

If you want something that is different from the traditional ways, you can hire wedding cars that provide with a wide range of styles and luxury. Speeding off in a Jaguar allows you to make a great statement. There are luxury cars in Trivandrum that look great all on their own. It will truly set the event apart in the minds of those who are in attendance with you and your significant other speeding away from the reception. Luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi allow you to have a lot of fun when you are finished with all of the traditional events.

Motorcycles – If You Want a Different Look

You can look into different motorcycles that are available, if you want a total departure from cars. This includes international brands like Harley Davidson, Triumph, Indian, Kawasaki, and, Honda. There is nothing quite like getting on these large motorcycles and making some noise while speeding off to your new home. If you do not feel like driving a motorcycle all the way to your destination, you can meet a friend at a rendezvous and switch to a regular car. No matter what kind of wedding car you choose, you will be able to have the kind of look that you are going for at your wedding. Your wedding day will be truly be yours to remember.

Are You Looking for Wedding Cars in Trivandrum

If you are looking for wedding cars in Trivandrum, then you can approach TaxiTel as this rental wedding car company provides luxury cars at affordable rates and provides the highest level of service you can imagine. When it comes to Taxitel, help is available 24x7, and you can contact them via mobile or via email to book your wedding car and to know more about their services. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Five Valuable Tips When it Comes to Choosing Wedding Cars in Trivandrum

Everyone wants to remember their wedding day as one of the most monumental days of their life and filled with fond memories. For making your very special day monumental, it takes more time and a lot of arrangements, and one aspect of the day which is often over looked or not given enough priority is the transport facility for the wedding couple. Traditionally, it is the groom’s responsibility to choose any one of the luxury cars in Trivandrum, but many grooms are still ignorant in this aspect. They just lack the knowledge and understanding to know how important this day is for the bride-to-be.

Some grooms try to hand over this responsibility to their family members or friends and they just book a wedding vehicle without thorough consideration. If the vehicle you chose is not up to the mark then your bride-to-be and your future in-laws will not be impressed with the transportation provided by you. So, you need to do it by yourself and here are some tips on how to get the most out of your wedding car rental, even if you don’t know a lot about transportation. 

Think about Timing and be Realistic

You need to decide on the route of your journey as early as possible and make sure that the wedding car rental company knows the exact route of the journey. Some brides like to take a special route to the wedding venue, maybe to pass their friends’ home, while after the ceremony the bride and groom may want to enjoy a drive round in the wedding car before going to the reception. The rental car company will help you plan a route and timings but consider what you would like.

Think about the Color of Your Wedding Car

It is important that the car you hire resonate with the color theme of your wedding. For example, do not go for a bright red wedding car if your theme is ivory and pastel green. It is also worth checking before you sign the rental agreement if the wedding car rental company is willing to match the ribbons and flowers in the luxury car with the color theme of your wedding dress.

Try to Book Your Wedding Car Early as Possible

As you would expect, wedding car rental companies are flooded with requests for their services, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore, it is extremely important that you book your wedding car well in advance of your wedding, ideally four or six months ahead or as soon as you have set the date.

Think about the Style of the Wedding Car

You should make sure that the style of the wedding car reflects the style of your wedding and it as important as getting the color scheme of your car right. If you are going for a traditional or classical style wedding, then you can go for a vintage car like the classic Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. But if you are planning a normal wedding or something a little out-of-the-box, why not look into hiring a Jaguar or Audi wedding car?

Enquire about the Car Rental Company

You need to conduct a small background check on the rental company to make sure that it has proper license to operate and has proper insurance for all of its vehicles.

Contact Your Nearest Rental Service Provider

To avoid heavy rush, you need to contact the rental car company that provides affordable wedding cars in Trivandrum early as possible. There are few companies that offer special scheme to reward their customers with some fantastic discounts, if they are regular customers of their services.
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