Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Global Circus is in Trivandrum, From April 2nd to May 2nd 2016

Happy news for all Trivandrum residents out there! You can now enjoy this year’s summer weekends as the well-renowned Global Circus is in town from April 2nd to May 2nd 2016. They have setup their base at Manajalikulam ground, Thampanoor. According to them, there will be three shows a day (1pm, 4pm, and 7pm) with advanced booking facilities.  Trivandrum Mayor VK Prasanth has inaugurated the circus a week ago and city folks can look forward for a series of dazzling performances by talented artists from countries like Mongolia and Ethiopia.

According to one of the directors of the circus company, circus in each country is different and has its own style. For instance, Ethiopian acts are more precision-oriented while Mongolian acts are flexible and more musical. He also added that one of the highlights of this time is that they are integrating foreign artists and a combination of styles from these countries that will be showcased. Those who are looking forward to attend the circus next few weeks can see and enjoy heart-stopping performances that include:

·         German Wheel
·         Mongolian contortion act
·         Ethiopian ladder act
·         Chinese strap act
·         Russian silk act
·      Include several Indian styles like special cycle, flying trapeze, stick juggling act, Manipuri acrobat among others.

The price for the tickets range from Rs.100 for the back row, Rs.150 for middle seats and Rs.200 for the front row. As many as seventy artists including eight foreign artists will perform in the circus. The circus troupe which had just finished performance in Triprayar in Thrissur, is back in the capital after a gap of 2 years. According to another director of the circus management, they are reinventing the circus by incorporating different styles and they are intend to bring it to the public domain in all its splendor. 

The ban on using animals in various acts have made a considerable impact on the number of visitors for the past few years, according to the circus management. There were as many as 300 circus companies in India and past few years, this number has been reduced to a mere thirty troupes. In Kerala, only eight circus troupes have managed to survive, according to Global Circus officials.

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Eight Wedding Themes to Make Your Big Day Special and Memorable

These days, most people use interesting themes in their wedding day to make their big day special and memorable. You can always stick with wedding themes that are elegant and simple or go all out and do something that is never been done before to make your wedding day truly special. Do not forget that a wedding is an important occasion for both the bride and the groom, and a wedding theme needs to reflect that. Take some time to sit down with your partner to explore possible wedding theme ideas that are acceptable to both of you.

You can consider the mood and atmosphere you want to set for your wedding. Would you like your wedding to be fun, traditional, quirky, or relaxed? Then you need to go a little deeper and think about your personal style, personality and interests. Ideas will come to you naturally when you figure out a general direction for coming with a wedding theme. Take a look at some of wedding themes below and the areas of your ceremony and reception that can be influenced by the theme you choose.

Summer – It is one of the most popular themes to have in a wedding and you can conduct your wedding as an outdoor ceremony during this time of the year. Also, there are many different locations for you to choose from. You can use bright and vibrant colors that are ideal for summer season. You can serve your guests with food and drinks that are refreshing, and let your wedding party wear something lightweight and comfortable.

Spring – There is no better season to have your wedding than the spring when the weather is warmer and flowers are in bloom. You can hold a garden wedding that would be perfect for this season, and you can use lots of flowers and butterflies that are common for spring weddings. Use light colors and fabrics, and you can pair it with food that contain a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Winter – Winter is another popular wedding theme among many couples around the world. It is easy to have the d├ęcor look both elegant and sophisticated with white being the primary color. You can think of ways to incorporate snowflakes into the decoration of your venue and for your wedding favors.

Autumn – Autumn season makes us think of falling leaves and rich colors like orange, red, brown, and gold. You can hold an outdoor wedding ceremony if the weather is not too chilly where you are. You can include your wedding menu with meals made with foods common during autumn season such as apples and pumpkins. For wedding reception, you can include centerpieces featuring autumn leaves and candles.

Fairytale – Most girls dream about their ‘happily ever after’ need a wedding that is fit for a princess. You can get ideas for your wedding ceremony and reception from your favorite fairytale stories. You can go all out with horse-drawn carriages and a grand ballroom or use subtle touches to create this theme.

Rock and Roll – Here music is the most important aspect of this wedding theme, and you can let your guests rock and roll all night long. Also, you can with something more rebellious rather dressing like a classic bride and groom. You can think of your favorite songs and you can use elements from the song for decorating ideas.

Movie – If you are movie-addict, you can lots of inspirations and ideas from the big screen. If you want to capture the feel of a certain movie for your wedding, the possibilities are endless. There are lots of things you can do to make the movie come alive, from the wedding attire and music to the food and decorations. Some of the great movie themes you can adopt in your wedding day include Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, Avatar, ET, and many more.

Medieval – If you choose medieval theme for your wedding then the perfect setting would be in castles or historical churches. To distinguish this time period, you can use calligraphy in designs and decorations. Also, you can add a Gothic feel in decorations and deep rich colors like blue and purple.

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