Monday, 28 March 2016

You Can Include these Eight Cost-Effective Tips in Your Wedding Plan

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life and you will make sure that everything till your wedding day goes according to your plan. Most of us look forward to our wedding, and all the fun. When it comes to Kerala weddings with their number of ceremonies and traditions, the overall cost may overcome your budget expectations. However, having a wedding worth remembering need not to be an expensive affair. Here are few cost-effective tips you can try out when building a plan for your perfect wedding.

Prepare a Budget Plan for Your Wedding

You need to formulate your wedding budget to avoid confusion and mismanagement during pre-wedding days. You need to decide the overall budget by you and your family. Also, you need to make a list of everything and what you want to spend on each item. 

Start a Separate Fund for Your Wedding

It might be a good idea to start a wedding fund along with an emergency fund, as soon as you start earning. For example, if you start earning at the age of twenty-three, you can allocate just Rs. 3000 a month for your wedding, and in five years you can save Rs. 1.8 Lakhs without interest.

Try to Look at Low-cost Wedding Venues

There are 5-star wedding venues in Trivandrum that are indeed expensive and with luxurious facilities. If you are planning your wedding on an affordable budget then there are low cost wedding venues in Trivandrum that provide similar facilities at affordable rates. You can look at unconventional options which can get you much better rates on locations.

Take Smart Decisions on Designs and Decorations

When it comes to designing and decorating your wedding venue, they can be expensive, but if you plan it smartly they can offer savings. You can look at greener but low-cost options such as decorative plants instead of opting flower-based decorations that can be costly.

Plan Your Wedding During Off Season

By choosing dates during off season, you can cut costs considerably. This will help you get discounts on everything from venues to caterers. Also, by planning an offseason wedding, your date will not clash with other marriages.

Approach a Professional Wedding Planner

It is a true fact that conducting a wedding is a stressful job as it requires high amount of planning and execution. There are many professional wedding planners out there and you can approach anyone of them who can really help deal with all these headaches.

Do Not Waste Food

Wastage of food is mostly seen during weddings and it means wastage of your money. You need to be smarter by providing your guests with a simplified menu that give importance to taste over variety. You can go with options like Pilafs or Biryanis which are meals by themselves and simplify logistics for the caterer.

Rent a Luxury Vehicle as Your Wedding Car

If you want a luxury car as your wedding vehicle, then you can approach rental car companies that provide wedding cars in Trivandrum at affordable rates. Most companies have a fleet of vintage models, classic models, and luxury models as rental wedding cars. To get the right car of your choice. You need to book the car early as possible to avoid heavy rushes.


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