Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How to Decorate Your Wedding Car for Your Special Day

When it comes to wedding cars in Trivandrum, they are important as the wedding feast and they leave an everlasting memory for the couple as the car is the final and most essential part of the wedding. Usually, the wedding cars are decorated by close friends and family members of the groom or bride, and they take utmost care to decorate the car as appealingly as possible for the newlywed. For your friends who take up the fun task of decorating your car, a confusion arises as how to decorate your car in time, and in a splendid way.

How to Decorate Your Wedding Car in a Grand Manner

Some people keep the decoration on wedding car simple and elegant while some want it to be as grand and fabulous as possible. There are others who prefer to keep the decoration stylish and a few stick to the wedding theme to make your wedding day memorable and fun. Here are few ways on how to decorate your wedding car in a grand manner.

You can use bouquets and flowers to decorate the cars but these can be arranged in a different and stylish way. For example, one can go for craft or silk flowers and decorate the car according to the floral decoration or theme at the wedding venue.

 You can write funny or romantic messages on the car (especially on the rear window) using a simple white marker or glitter. Instead of writing standard messages like ‘Just Married’, you can choose funny phrases if you are able to push your creativity to limits.

 Also, you can decorate your wedding car with pom-poms, soft toys, and other party accessories to pep up the decoration and give it a delightful look.

 To complete the decoration on your wedding car, you can tie the door handles with flowers and colorful ribbons.

You can use colorful balloons that can be tied on the top or sides of the car to add to the fun element, balloons with marriage-themed messages and paintings or cartoons would also make the car interesting.

To give a personal touch to your car, you can use colorful wedding banners and stickers and you can personalize it with the names of the bride and groom. 

Are You Looking for a Luxury Car for Your Dream Wedding

Are you looking for luxury car like Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, or Skoda as a rental vehicle for your dream wedding? When you choose a luxury vehicle or a vintage vehicle as your wedding car you need to make sure that the vehicle you rented is highly affordable and satisfies your needs and requirements. If you are looking anywhere wedding cars in Trivandrum, there are wedding car rental companies that provide you the luxury car you need along with the chauffeur. It is better that you book the luxury car months before the wedding so that you can avoid the heavy rush that occurs during wedding seasons. 

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