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Which are the Best Non-Vegetarian Restaurants in Trivandrum

Trivandrum, also called Thiruvananthapuram is the official capital of the state of Kerala and it is known for its historical landmarks, famous educational and research institutions, a major IT hub, and Trivandrum city is considered one of the 10 greenest cities in India. You can find traditional Kerala cuisine, South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and Arabian cuisines. There are many popular restaurants in Trivandrum you can visit other than branded fast food outlets like KFC, Subway and Domino’s. In this blog, we will mention the best restaurants in Trivandrum for the lovers of non-vegetarian food and places to eat comfortably with your friends and family.

Zam Zam Restaurant (Palayam) – Most people believe that Zam Zam is the first restaurant which introduced Middle Eastern cuisines in Trivandrum. You can try their all-time-blockbuster recipe Chicken Shawayya that comes with Khubz and their special mayonnaise sauce. If you are going there in weekends then perhaps you need to reserve table to avoid heavy rush.

The Trivandrum Hotel (Statue Jn) - If you are a lover of ethnic and traditional Travancore cuisines then The Trivandrum Hotel in Statue is the place you can visit. You can also find many of their menus that have been modernized through innovative blending of cultures and techniques. The price in this restaurant is neither overpriced nor reasonable.

Hotel Buhari (Pazhavangadi) – Hotel Buhari is one of the oldest restaurants in Trivandrum city, and it is widely popular for its Idiyappam with spicy mutton chaps. As it operates in a 24x7 environment, you can go and have your tummy filled even in the late nights.

Ayswaria Hotel (Thakaraparambu Road) – Ayswaria Hotel near Pazhavangadi is famous for its Chiratta Puttu served with Chicken Pirattu. It is a must place to visit, if you are looking for a good restaurant where you can have a leisurely lunch, along with family.

Sagara Restaurant (NH Bypass Road) – It is one of few restaurants in the Trivandrum city which is dedicated to serving seafood dishes. They have Prawns fried rice with Prawns masala combination, and they also serves wheat porotta instead of maida porotta, which is lighter on the stomach. You can order Prawns masala or fry with wheat porotta which is a perfect combination for a dinner.

Open House (Kunnumpuram Road) – According to many food lovers, you can get the best chilly chicken from Open House restaurant that is near Kunnumpuram road, Ayurveda College junction. Some of their popular dishes in their menu include steamy fried rice with desi chilly chicken, black pepper chicken, and now they offer seafood dishes in their menu.

Imperial Kitchen (Keston Road) – If you are looking for a restaurant with excellent ambience and food quality, then you can visit Imperial Kitchen at Keston Road. Here you can get all types of veg and non-veg cuisines that are equally tasty. Imperial Kitchen is one of few restaurants in the city that provides a play area for children so that you can have a relaxed evening with your whole family.

Steampot Restaurant (Pattom) – Situated in a silent locality at Pattom, Steampot Restaurant is popular for its rich traditional Kerala cuisines and steamed dishes. You can get starters that include Kappa Ularth, Muttayum Chammanthiyum, Kozhiyum Pidiyum, and you can order their all-time-favorite Pothi Biryani for lunch.

Curry Chatty (Thycaud) – Curry Chatty is a multi-cuisine restaurant with three themes – Buddas Creek (oriental menu), Akathalam (if you like country food), and City-da-Dhaba (known for Punjabi dishes). They provide quality food with better ambience, and most food lovers’ all-time favorite is Appam/Chappathi with mutton stew.

Halayis (Kazhakkootam) – If you want a dum biryani for lunch then go to Halayis at Kazhakootam. Their special chicken biryani has fair amount of rice with masala-coated chicken pieces that is served in a thermos vacuum insulated jar, which makes the food more steamy and fresh. Also, you can get Sulaimani as a compliment drink when you order biryani.

There are big and small eateries that provide non-veg dishes and the above mentioned establishments are the most popular ones in the city. If you are new in Trivandrum and you want to taste traditional or ethnic non-vegetarian dishes, then call a Trivandrum taxi as these professional taxi drivers know every corner of the city and will take you to your destination without getting stuck in the traffic.  

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